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Like any segment of the commercial real estate, modern office spaces are evolving every year. New formats, standards, and technologies appear to support a completely different way of doing business. Fully managed offices and furnished offices in business centers allow business tenants to focus on their work goals rather than worrying about office fit-out and maintenance. Occupiers want better conditions having higher demands for their business. The new format of flexible offices allows combining all advanced trends in the market for maximum comfort of clients. Executive suites with a professional setting In the UK, the concept of executive suites has existed for a long time. Individual entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals require small spaces to receive their clients or partners. However, with a traditional approach, you have to also rent square meters for a reception. Executive suites are a perfect solution because they already comprise shared facilities and such services as a receptionist. The very concept of a flexible office comes from the need to adopt the environment to the modern approaches to work. Information technologies significantly change the lifestyle of people and, accordingly, their requirements to workspaces. A flexible office is an entirely new concept, which combines the comfort of a hotel suite, the versatility of coworking, and the business setting of a traditional office.

Advantages of Serviced Offices

Flexible workspaces can be considered from several sides. First, they are adjustable from an organizational point of view, as the rented space can be enlarged or diminished as the needs change. Some enterprises even take flexibility to the next level practicing hot-desking. The use of hot or shared desks is convenient for companies where employees work on a flexible schedule or in shifts to save office space. Secondly, there are areas for performing different types of tasks. One of the requirements to the modern business premises is the presence of so-called focus-rooms, that is, rooms for work requiring silence, as well as separate small noise-proof booths for calls, standard meeting rooms for gatherings and conference calls, and lounges for informal communication. Thirdly, tenants very often look forward to having unique pieces of decor and furniture, ergonomic desks and tables, wire boxes, electrical connection modules, and so on as comfort is a top priority for the vast majority. An arrangement of such an office can cost a lot, that is why if it's already included in the price and done by the provider, it is another win-factor.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the benefits not so evident at first glance includes the boost of labour efficiency since serviced offices support different work styles and can meet the needs of each employee. According to the study of CoreNet Global agency, 25% of employee’s satisfaction depends on the environment. For example, in flexible workspaces, he will have an opportunity to cooperate more with colleagues from other departments as shared areas facilitate such interaction. Such a principle is welcomed by large international companies, because it allows sharing experience and know-how within a team, and employees, in turn, have an opportunity to build their work schedule with more flexibility.


Easy access to your business premises is a key factor, sometimes even influencing a candidate`s decision to accept or decline a job offer. Business centers are normally located either in central business districts, where everything one needs is at hand, let alone excellent transport connections, or business parks. The latter comprise office complexes, often with tenants from specific industries. Also, due to the fact that they are located further from the center, the rent is lower than in prime locations. However, access to business parks in the UK is as easy as to the office-dotted area in the city center. The decision that you have to make is to opt for prestigious central locations that will testify to your business success or choose