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June 2020
Noise 1 reduced
Jun 039to5

Noise in open offices cost up to two hours of lost productivity per day

More than every second employee in open office environments feels so strongly affected by noise and disturbances that they lose up to two hours of efficient working and productivity every workday, a recent Canadian study reports. Read more

Is20 1ny
Jun 03

Office providers worldwide floored by their tenants' severe corona crises

Three out of four office landlords are affected, to a significant or severe extent, several even floored by the global COVID-19 meltdown. Just a few market operators seem unaffected, the new Industry Survey 2020 from MatchOffice reports. Read more

Mes.rooms 1 reduced
Jun 039to5

Facebook calls for video chat and conferencing in Messenger Rooms

Facebook has launched its new video chat service, Messenger Rooms, which invites up to 50 people to join a video call or a conference via Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger - free and with no time limits. Read more

February 2020
2020 trends
Feb 26

Vibrant digital marketing trends to consider on the threshold of the 2020s

The digital marketing world just left a splendid decade with staggering innovation, heartbreaking pace and groundbreaking results. Take a look at the trend predictions for the start of the 2020s Read more

Office between two stools
Feb 25

When your office space design and the decors are falling between two stools

MatchOffice, activity-based office spaces, open office, office design, Lene Becker, LAIKA Space Design & Branding Read more

December 2019
Clientsurvey19 top
Dec 01

Client Survey 2019: Dedicated coworkers and flex office users still stick to private spaces

The tremendous rise of the flexible office space market, including the coworking revolution, is rounding off another record-breaking year - however, a significant number of flex office users yet seems to prefer the privacies of the conventional office. Read more

Voice assistants
Dec 01

Voice-activated personal assistants impatient to turn your smart workplace even smarter

Your family back home may already communicate closely with Apple´s Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon´s Alexa. At this moment, all these voice-activated personal assistants are eager to enter your workplace also and make your office spaces even smarter. Read more

Work home 1
Dec 01

Working to much from home can stress you out and ruin your wellbeing

Still more office workers strive to work from home a day or more a week, still more employers and digitalisation grant their employees this opportunity - but do you have the right sufficient psyche and discipline to work remotely? Read more

August 2019
Flex workspace 1
Aug 25

Forecasts: More businesses and companies will turn to flexible workspace options

The flexible workspace industry continues to thrive, expand and evolve. According to different researches, approximately 30% of office space occupied by corporate companies is predicted to be flex workspace in 2030. Read more

Aug 24

Living green walls turn your office spaces and company brand even greener

Living green walls are growing increasingly popular in workplaces - as decorative elements in the office environment, as spectacular space dividers in the open office areas or as a refreshing background in your meeting rooms etc.. Read more

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