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Coworking is a new trend, particularly popular with start-ups, freelancers and the self-employed. Coworking spaces offer you up-to-date office equipment, full flexibility and the opportunity to make valuable personal and business contacts. As we cooperate with a wide variety of coworking spaces all over the UK, we are sure that MatchOffice will help find the right option for you.

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MatchOffice has many years of experience with coworking spaces and can always help to find you the most attractive option. We have a wide variety of commercial lease offers in the UK on our site. We can, therefore, assure you that you will receive comprehensive daily real estate listings, including details of coworking spaces.

Are you looking for a flexible office solution and appreciate a lively atmosphere? Then a coworking space is just the right choice for you. Coworking offers a variety of different solutions and services, including open office spaces, enclosed or private workzones, meeting rooms, reliable and fast wi-fi, etc. Due to the open layout and collaborative and stimulating working environment, you can quickly make new contacts and network with other like-minded professionals. The coworking concept offers a high degree of flexibility and is extremely cost-effective.

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Benefits of coworking


Coworking Is a New Form of Doing Business

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Coworking is a particular form of business organization with which people of different employments can work in common office space. In the narrow sense, it means a similar area or shared office for work. This phenomenon is characterized by a flexible approach to the use of working space and the desire to form work communities based on the same business culture. Both economic factors and the development of large cities boosted the emergence of co-working as an approach to the organization of business activity. Coworkers appeared as a result of an increasing role of creative jobs with the tendency to outsourcing in their professional fields at the same time.

What is a Coworking Center?

The process of co-working is organized in the so-called coworking centers. These are specially equipped shared office space in which anyone can rent a workplace. It is always considered as something between ordinary office space and a room at home. That is, in a coworking center, a person can rent a desk for his activity, and he can use other pieces of furniture, have access to the Internet, and drink some coffee or tea in specified areas. At the same time, he is free from following any office schedule, dress code, and other related rules, as it is common to most business offices. It creates a kind of homely atmosphere that helps to relax and work with pleasure. So, the matter of finding a coworking space near me is relevant for many experts. Coworking centers have all the necessary office furniture and appliances (computers, printers, scanners, etc.), high-speed Internet, as well as places to relax, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee. Externally, a coworking center looks like an ordinary office, where workplaces are organized in the form of open space along with some separate rooms. A distinctive feature is that people, who are gathering here, are independent of each other and often have similar interests. Coworking offices are mainly in demand within freelancers (programmers, designers, journalists, translators, start-up entrepreneurs, etc.), who do not want to spend money for renting a full-fledged office and who are not comfortable working at home. This kind of temporary office is gaining popularity nowadays because it is considered to be the place for pleasant and comfortable work activity.

Coworking Is Not Only Matter of Money

Many companies seek to avoid additional expenses and are ready to consider various alternatives as making working space more compact and incorporating many workplaces in one office. A coworking option has a positive effect on the company's budget. We take into account that, unlike conventional offices, a coworking office space allows saving up to 30% of the total cost of the rent. Then, an employer who offers a job in a coworking office gets benefits in the form of loyalty from younger employees. It is no secret that talented representatives of the modern generation will be more willing to work in such an office. Take a look at our offers of coworking premises in the UK and other countries to rent an office daily, for a month, and so forth. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ready-made options for your business!