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NOHO – Creative serviced office in the Meatpacking District

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
With its unique design and creative environment, NOHO gives you social and professional networking.

It is a warm and sunny day at the old cattle market, which today is a creative and popular urban area in Copenhagen – better known as ‘Kødbyen’, or the Meatpacking District.

The area is famed for the rustic and industrial look which encases its rich business community. In recent years, popular restaurants, bars, butchers and shops have settled down in the area, which has attracted a host of tourists and customers. Many entrepreneurs have found employment here as well, all facilitated by a number of serviced offices.

In the heart of the Meatpacking District sits a newly opened serviced office, NOHO.

In its own league

As you enter the building, the eye is drawn to a blue fluorescent lamp, which lights up the slogan "Work, Play, Stay", with the NOHO logo brightly illuminated alongside. In the lounge area, walls are made of wood and there are plush toys, retro and rustic furniture, fluorescent lamps and a variety of interesting plants. NOHo is alarge building, which serves as an environment in which many start up companies, innovative entrepreneurs and freelancers in Copenhagen thrive. Companies that need a place to develop their business and become part of a community find the facilities extremely useful.

NOHO provides a platform for social and professional networking across companies. Not least, they strive to create an inspiring work place by stimulating the senses.Walking around, there is a unique, authentic decor with such novelties and eccentricities as cacti and stuffed animals, a home kitchen and cosy, quirky spots to work and relax.

What its like to work in NOHO

During my visit I talked to some people who have their daily work life in NOHO. I asked them why they started working here in the first place, and what it's like on a day-to-day basis.

"To be a part of a network"

Laura Groth works at, a digital eBook streaming service.

                                                                                         Why did you choose a serviced office in the first place?

"We wanted to work closely with other companies and to be a part of a social community, and the serviced office is the ideal environment for that. "

How would you describe working in NOHO? 

"It totally fulfils the expectations we had about working in a serviced office. It is evident that they have tried to create the best conditions for a productive and positive working environment. 

In addition, there is a unique and unconventional design, which gives me energy and inspires me, during my time at the office. We sit together with other companies and can inspire each other. "  

How does NOHO stimulate socializing and networking?

"I think NOHO provides a good setting for socializing – in good doses. For example, we eat breakfast together, where we talk with other people from the office. We also receive a newsletter that provides information about the various events that NOHO has to offer."

"Always people in the office"

Peter Weinreich works at Betssongroup, an award-winning online gaming company that offers pocker, casino, scratch cards, etc.

Why did you choose a serviced office in the first place?

"We have just seven emplotess in Denmark, so we are a relatively small company. We had to consider whether or not we should choose a traditional office. We travel a lot which means that there are often only a few people at the office, and so we choose a serviced office to ensure that our employees are never alone."

How would you describe working in NOHO? 

"There's a really good vibe here and everyone greets one another. There is a polite and friendly tone and it makes it nice to work here. When we have guests coming by the office, they are always fascinated by the unique and cool decor and vibe here in NOHO. Furthermore, you will find really good facilities. It is a good package deal, where we do not need to handle all the practical stuff."

"Since we have seven employees at the office, we are not dependent on collaboration with other companies as such. Still, we sometimes have a professional chat with the other companies, which we can find invaluable."

How does NOHO stimulate socializing and networking?

"The slogan "Work Play Stay" is certainly what NOHO is all about, both in terms of the good working environment, authentic and fun decor and because there are numerous social events such as Friday bar and cosy rooftop events. They also arrange professional events which stimulate collaboration and networking.   They have something called Nutcrack where a company presents its challenge, and other companies then come up with ideas on how to solve them.

"Dynamic and insiring decor"

Pernille Bigum works at Tastefull - a scansinavian supplier of innovative high quality food.


Why did you choose a serviced office in the first place?

"We operate a small workforce, so we decided to work in a serviced office to sit together with other companies. It was also because dynamic environment that NOHO provides, and the opportunity to collaborate with other companies. We often need someone to test our products, and in here it is always easy to find somebody whoi s willing to help."

How would you describe working in NOHO? 

"It is dynamic and pleasant, with an informal atmosphere. I think the décor is cool and authentic with all the stuffed animals, for instance. The fact that it is located in the Meatpacking District is also ideal for us because we are operating in the food industry." 

"You might have thought that there would be a lot of noise in a serviced office, but I haven't found that. People are good at respecting other people working, and there are a variety of places where you can go to get complete silence or to make a call." 

How does NOHO stimulate socializing and networking?

"NOHO has loads of events such as shared breakfast and Friday Bars. There are also good opportunities to invite other people into the office. Though I'm not a naturally social person, I know that the time socialising is never wasted – you will always get something in return." 


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